Modeling the Spatiotemporal Pattern of Gene Expression During Somitogenesis

The precise timeline of transcriptional regulation in somitogenesis

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Research Interests :
Timing of cell-cycle regulated gene transcription.
Cell-cycle regulation in different species and conditions.
Spatiotemporal Organization of Somitogenesis.
Inferring causation in protein networks from non-Gaussian probability distributions
SCEPTRANS : an online tool for analyzing periodic transcription in yeast.

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The mouse somite cycle

Clock of the 2h somite cycle presenting gene regulation during mouse somitogenesis:
The positions are based on the timing and the expression level for individual genes. They are colored according their known pathway and the arrows represent the known causation (green arrow are between genes in the causation direction matching those found in the literature and red arrow are in the reverse causation order. Dot links are between genes too distant to indicate direction of causation). The timing error for each gene is represented by a solid black arc. Causation direction are compiled from several experimental studies (see original publication). Genes are pathway-colored with green been for Notch, magenta for Fgf , purple for Wnt and brown for genes previously not reported as cyclic.

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