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Yeast metabolic cycle (YMC). The budding yeast S. cerevisiae, when grown under nutrient-limited continuous conditions, exhibits robust 300-min cycles as measured by dissolved oxygen consumption. We have studied these cycles with whole genome RNA microarrays. Over half of yeast genes display periodic temporal expression patterns during the metabolic cycles.

  • Download data from B.P. Tu, A. Kudlicki, M. Rowicka & S.L. McKnight:  'Logic of the Yeast Metabolic Cycle: Temporal Compartmentalization of Cellular Processes', Science 310, 1152 (2005).
  • Read the paper at Science
  • View expression profiles from periodic expression studies at SCEPTRANS.

Cell cycle: high-resolution timing. Using a novel algorithm based on Maximum Entropy deconvolution and YMC expression data, we have timed peaks of expression of transcriptionally regulated cell-cycle genes to previously unachievable acccuracy of 1.9 minutes (ca. 1% of the cell cycle time). We identified 1,129 cell-cycle regulated genes by comprehensive analysis of all available budding yeast cell cycle datasets. The high-resolution timing reveals distinct subphases of the cell cycle undetectable by morphological observation as well as the precise timeline of macromolecular complex assembly during key cell cycle events.

  • Download data from M. Rowicka, A. Kudlicki (equal author), B. P. Tu & Z. Otwinowski:  'High-resolution timing of the cell-cycle regulated gene expression', PNAS 104, 16892 (2007).
  • Read the paper at PNAS
  • View expression profiles from periodic expression studies at SCEPTRANS.
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The work has been done in the McKnight Lab and Otwinowski Lab at the Department of Biochemistry of the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Contact: Andrzej Kudlicki
(askudlic [at] utmb . edu)

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