Cell cycle timing

High-resolution cell cycle timing
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The following datasets are available for download:

  • List of cell cycle-regulated transcripts, ordered (descending) according to heuristic measure describing strength of transcriptional regulation. The high-quality set contains 694 of S. cerevisiae genes found to be cell cycle transcriptionally regulated with 95% confidence or better, while extended set contains 1129 genes. List of individually confirmed cell cycle transcriptionally regulated genes derived from the literature (tab-delimited).
  • Time and phase of maximal expression of cell cycle-regulated genes (extended set):
    • Time and phase of main expression burst (G1(P) - prereplicative late G1 phase, (physiological) time in minutes) (tab-delimited)
    • Times of primary and secondary expression bursts with errors (expression time with the higher score is primary, genuine secondary expression times will have scores comparable with those of the primary times) (tab-delimited)
    • Cell cycle phases in physiological time (tab-delimited)

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