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  1. GEO sample ID: GSM451050
    • Sample_geo_accession: GSM451050
    • Sample_status: Public on Sep 11 2009
    • Sample_submission_date: Sep 09 2009
    • Sample_last_update_date: Sep 10 2009
    • Sample_type: RNA
    • Sample_channel_count: 1
    • Sample_source_name_ch1: Yeast cells with quinine
    • Sample_organism_ch1: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    • Sample_characteristics_ch1: strain: BY4741
    • Sample_treatment_protocol_ch1: Cells were re-inoculated into fresh medium either or not supplemented with 1 g.L-1 of quinine dissolved in ethanol (final concentration 0.7% (v/v)). After a 15 min incubation in the absence (sample A) or presence (sample B) of the antimalarial drug, cells were harvested and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen, and kept at -80ºC until RNA extraction.
    • Sample_growth_protocol_ch1: Cells of S. cerevisiae BY4741 grown in MM4 media were harvested in mid-exponential phase.
    • Sample_molecule_ch1: total RNA
    • Sample_extract_protocol_ch1: Total RNA extraction was performed according to the hot phenol method (24). RNA was processed for use on Affymetrix (Santa Clara, CA) Yeast Genome S98 GeneChip arrays, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Sample_label_ch1: biotin
    • Sample_label_protocol_ch1: Biotinylated cRNA were prepared from 8 ug total RNA, using the Enzo BioArray High Yield RNA transcript labelling kit.
    • Sample_hyb_protocol: Fifteen micrograms of fragmented cRNA was used in a 300 μL hybridization cocktail, containing added hybridization controls. Two hundred microliters of mixture were hybridized on arrays for 16 h at 45ºC. Standard post-hybridization wash and double-stain protocols (EukGE-WS2v4) were used on an Affymetrix GeneChip Fluidics Station 400.
    • Sample_scan_protocol: Arrays were scanned on an Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 2500.
    • Sample_description: Gene expression data from mid-exponential phase yeast cells incubated with quinine for 15 min
    • Sample_data_processing: Scanned microarrays were analysed, in a first step, with Affymetrix MAS 5.0 software. For subsequent analysis, dChip 1.3 (http://www.dchip.org, Cheng Li Laboratory, Harvard MA) was used. Each GeneChip experiment was performed with biological replicates.
    • Sample_platform_id: GPL90
    • Sample_contact_name: Sandra,,Santos
    • Sample_contact_email: ss.santos@ist.utl.pt
    • Sample_contact_department: BSRG
    • Sample_contact_institute: IBB-IST
    • Sample_contact_address: Av Rovisco Pais
    • Sample_contact_city: Lisbon
    • Sample_contact_zip/postal_code: 1049-001
    • Sample_contact_country: Portugal
    • Sample_supplementary_file: ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/pub/geo/DATA/supplementary/samples/GSM451nnn/GSM451050/GSM451050.CEL.gz
    • Sample_series_id: GSE18037
    • Sample_data_row_count: 7519
    • Sample_comment: Raw data provided as supplementary file
    • sample_table_begin:
    • sample_table_end:
    • Sample_title: cells with quinine, replicate 2
    ID_REF Corrected Value VALUE ABS_CALL
    10000_at 75.67 26.82 A
    10001_at 2236.88 2188.73 P
    10003_f_at 9331.24 9311.73 P
    10005_at 867.22 933.02 P
    10006_at 314.42 459.28 P
    10007_at 1725.15 1875.96 P
    10010_at 2321.3 2288.37 P
    10012_at 460.16 414.8 P
    10013_at 162.77 139.23 P
    10014_at 1257.15 1200.39 P
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