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  1. GEO sample ID: GSM350772
    • Sample_geo_accession: GSM350772
    • Sample_status: Public on Dec 16 2008
    • Sample_submission_date: Dec 12 2008
    • Sample_last_update_date: Dec 15 2008
    • Sample_type: RNA
    • Sample_channel_count: 1
    • Sample_source_name_ch1: Saccharomyces cerevisiae sdh3 deletion mutant
    • Sample_organism_ch1: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    • Sample_characteristics_ch1: sdh3 deletion mutant in CEN.PK113-7D background
    • Sample_growth_protocol_ch1: Batch growth conditions with minimal medium
    • Sample_molecule_ch1: total RNA
    • Sample_extract_protocol_ch1: Duplicate samples for microarray analysis were collected during the aerobic batch experiments with the sdh3Δ strain when the glucose concentration had reached 20±2 g/liter. Culture aliquots of 20 ml were transferred to falcon tubes already filled with 25ml of crushed ice and immediately centrifuged at 4000 rpm for 5 minutes. The pellets were rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80ºC until further use. Total RNA was extracted by using the Fast Pro Red Kit (Obiogene, USA) according to the manufacture’s instructions with minor modifications.
    • Sample_label_ch1: biotin
    • Sample_label_protocol_ch1: As described in the Affymetrix GeneChip Expression Analysis Manual.
    • Sample_hyb_protocol: cRNA was synthesized as described in the Affymetrix GeneChip Expression Analysis Manual, after which 15 micro-gram were hybridized to Yeast Genome S98 oligonucleotide arrays (Affymetrix).
    • Sample_scan_protocol: Microarrays were scanned in Agilent Gene Scanner (Affimetrix).
    • Sample_description: Replicate 2 of 2.
    • Sample_data_processing: Raw data processing was performed with the Microarray Suite software, version 5, with a global scaling factor for target intensity equal to 500. Average difference values, representing the absolute hybridization intensities were then calculated for each probe set.
    • Sample_platform_id: GPL90
    • Sample_contact_name: Kiran,Raosaheb,Patil
    • Sample_contact_institute: Technical University of Denmark
    • Sample_contact_address: Bulding 223, Søltofts Plads
    • Sample_contact_city: Kongens Lyngby
    • Sample_contact_zip/postal_code: 2800
    • Sample_contact_country: Denmark
    • Sample_supplementary_file: ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/pub/geo/DATA/supplementary/samples/GSM350nnn/GSM350772/GSM350772.CEL.gz
    • Sample_series_id: GSE13924
    • Sample_data_row_count: 9335
    • Sample_comment: Raw data provided as supplementary file
    • sample_table_begin:
    • sample_table_end:
    • Sample_title: Wild-type for H3 K4,36,79G and H3 K4,9,14,18,23,27,36,79G replicate 1
    ID_REF Corrected Value VALUE ABS_CALL
    AFFX-MurIL2_at 42.7434 92.0889 A
    AFFX-MurIL10_at 38.4959 51.27 A
    AFFX-MurIL4_at 43.4816 37.3357 A
    AFFX-MurFAS_at 53.3013 43.9412 A
    AFFX-BioB-5_at 188.467 139.607 P
    AFFX-BioB-M_at 216.542 172.39 P
    AFFX-BioB-3_at 220.552 176.725 P
    AFFX-BioC-5_at 224.509 179.647 P
    AFFX-BioC-3_at 381.794 333.405 P
    AFFX-BioDn-5_at 289.223 245.124 P
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