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  1. GEO sample ID: GSM153634
    • Sample_geo_accession: GSM153634
    • Sample_status: Public on Apr 10 2007
    • Sample_submission_date: Dec 29 2006
    • Sample_last_update_date: Jan 03 2007
    • Sample_type: RNA
    • Sample_channel_count: 1
    • Sample_source_name_ch1: 4 hrs after transfer into sporulation medium
    • Sample_organism_ch1: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    • Sample_characteristics_ch1: strain: RKD1312
    • Sample_characteristics_ch1: background: SK1
    • Sample_characteristics_ch1: genotype: spo11Y135F
    • Sample_treatment_protocol_ch1: Cells were washed twice with water, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80C.
    • Sample_growth_protocol_ch1: Cells were grown on a YPD plate for 2 days at 30C. The cells were grown to a density of 4.0x10^7 cells/ml at 30C in SPS presporulation medium (0.5% yeast extract, 1% peptone, 0.17% yeast nitrogen base w/o amino acid and ammonium sulfate, 1% potassium acetate, 0.5% ammonium sulfate, usual level fo amino acids, 50 mM potassium phthalate buffer pH 5.0, and antifoam). The cells were suspended in sporulation medium (1% potasium acetate, 1/5 level of amino acids, and polypropylene glycol) to a density of 2x10^7 cells/ml, and incubated for 4 hrs at 30C for sporulation.
    • Sample_molecule_ch1: polyA RNA
    • Sample_extract_protocol_ch1: Total RNA was prepared using glass beads and RNeasy Maxi Kit (QIAGEN). mRNA was isolated the total RNA using Oligotex-dT30 (TaKaRa). These processes were performed according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Sample_label_ch1: biotin
    • Sample_label_protocol_ch1: Biotinylated cRNA were prepared according to the standard Affymetrix protocol from 3 microg mRNA (Expression Analysis Technical Manual, 2001, Affymetrix).
    • Sample_hyb_protocol: Following fragmentation, 15 microg of cRNA were hybridized for 16 hr at 45C on GeneChip YG-S98. GeneChips were washed and stained using EukGE-WS1 ver3 protocol in the Affymetrix Fluidics Station 400.
    • Sample_scan_protocol: GeneChips were scanned using the Hewlett-Packard GeneArray Scanner.
    • Sample_description: Gene expression data from diploid cells in prophase.
    • Sample_data_processing: The data were analyzed with Microarray Suite version 5.0 (MAS 5.0) using Affymetrix default analysis settings. The comparison with GSM153627 was performed with MAS 5.0 using Affymetrix default analysis settings. See Comparison data table on Series GSE6620 record.
    • Sample_platform_id: GPL90
    • Sample_contact_name: Kazuto,,Kugou
    • Sample_contact_email: kkugou@riken.jp
    • Sample_contact_laboratory: Shibata Distinguished Scientist Laboratory
    • Sample_contact_institute: RIKEN
    • Sample_contact_address: 2-1 Hirosawa
    • Sample_contact_city: Wako
    • Sample_contact_state: Saitama
    • Sample_contact_zip/postal_code: 351-0198
    • Sample_contact_country: Japan
    • Sample_supplementary_file: ftp://ftp.ncbi.nih.gov/pub/geo/DATA/supplementary/samples/GSM153nnn/GSM153634/GSM153634.CEL.gz
    • Sample_series_id: GSE6620
    • Sample_data_row_count: 9335
    • Sample_comment: Raw data provided as supplementary file
    • sample_table_begin:
    • sample_table_end:
    • Sample_title: Empty vector, biological rep1
    ID_REF Corrected Value VALUE ABS_CALL
    AFFX-MurIL2_at 0.6 3.3 A
    AFFX-MurIL10_at 0.5 1.1 A
    AFFX-MurIL4_at 0.5 2.5 A
    AFFX-MurFAS_at 0.8 13.8 A
    AFFX-BioB-5_at 299.7 176.1 P
    AFFX-BioB-M_at 406.8 292.3 P
    AFFX-BioB-3_at 309.7 199.2 P
    AFFX-BioC-5_at 572.4 464.2 P
    AFFX-BioC-3_at 415.1 309.7 P
    AFFX-BioDn-5_at 589.6 484.5 P
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