Andrzej Kudlicki Lab

Current members:
  • Andrzej Kudlicki, Ph. D.
  • Bernard Fongang, Ph. D.
  • Xueling Li, Ph. D.
Research Interests:
  • Regulation of genes involved in somitogenesis and segmental identity
  • Regulatory function of non-B DNA, including A-DNA and G-Quadruplexes
  • DNA structures responsible for directing epigenetic modifications (HRC3 motif)
  • Role of ectopic HRC3 motifs in autosomal dominant neurodegenerative diseases
  • Modulators of transcriptional regulation
  • Role of the NFkB pathways in Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transformation
  • Timeline of the mitotic cell cycle
  • Transcriptional regulation of ribosomal genes

  • Analysis of timecourse genomic data
  • Inferring causation in genetic networks
  • Systematic errors in microarrays
  • GPU computing for computational biology
  • AllQUADS - Interstrand G-quadruplexes in the human genome
  • HRC3 - A new motif involved in chromatin organization and regulation during development.
  • - inferring modulators and targets of 71 human transcription factors
  • SCEPTRANS - Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Periodic Transcription Server.
  • SOMITES - Precise timing of mouse somitogenesis
  • YG-S98 - Correcting position artifacts in microarray data.
  • Yeast.Swmed.Edu - Yeast metabolic rhythms.
  • - Timing the yeast cell cycle.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: School of Medicine:
Former members:
  • Mirek Gilski, Ph. D. (Postdoc/analyst; presently Center for Biocrystallographic Research, Poznan, Poland)
  • Dirar Homouz, Ph. D. (Postdoc; presently Khalifa University, UAE)
  • Gang Chen (CSC exchange student; presently South Central University, PRC)
  • Huzhang Mao (rotation student, presently Morais Lab at UTMB)
  • Rendong Yang
  • Aaron Brown
  • Surendra Negi (collaboration, Braun lab at UTMB)
  • Fanpig Kong (rotation student, presently Luxon lab)